6:27 IS THAT PHONIX WRIGHT! You know whats wrong? Make the winner a part of the Sims challenges. Hot dogs go better with a pot of beans, but I now will only ever get Hebrew National beef hot dogs when I do buy hot dogs. Wanted the 22 but had to compromise with the wife lol. P must be top3. Because if you remember he done got doing a quid pro quo. Gracias me encanto tu vdeo! Nakakaba parang pinatayo ako ni mam sa harapan. Yep, I gifted myself an Instant Pot for Christmas. I love the time when you and josh and jordi play GTA together. Loved this episode, super hilarious! ,luto ka dn pilipino food yong pde lang kay abhi. Where I work we have a DDI intersection one mile to the west, and a roundabout intersection one mile east, both going to the same interstate, and I always take the DDI even though it's a 1 mile backtrack to where I usually need to go just because of how much nicer it is to drive through. Excellent recipe! Nothing more than a foam ball that you can control via an adjustment arm that would go into the horn. I wish i could speak English as fluently as she does! Still wanted to get it out today though so y'all could enjoy! Pensando no x1 Ir e USA. Meanwhile the survivor keep sprinting around like an idiot so that jason can easily track them. Happy New Decade. I pod ng husband ko ito. Lol i was sure dashie would've sent the tape to someone else or threw it away.

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