Thanks for showing me you can do multiple v skills in the air.Azaghal nojento como sempre.Tipsnya berfungsi buat aku masakin makanan untuk mama akuuu hehehe.Can't choose I love all your videos.The lady is so annoying.

All is well with my world.We should set up a gofundme for Gray.Biden have y’all shaking in your boots.I tried the dumpling too,yummy.You gotta chase em out your chimney with a rake, just like Pip Pappy always said.(No envy whatsoever facilitated that sarcasm.TOP IS THE KING OF RAPPING.

Thanks for making a favorite dish.CTG is extremely wierd Senior league boxing?Ok, I will buy a special pan for making gravy (instead of my teflon pan that I used for the turkey).These guys start by talking to an open fridge.Where’s my Ji Hyo?OMG my all time favourite Mackerel Rundung.That was one hellified lie.

Where's the cover.Obviously they could have said it was some kind of Warp missile, but didn't and it basically took about a min to reach, destroy and redirect the nexus.It’s nice to hear you talk about waste throughout the entire video.Dammed your funny.0:32 - That would work, but for a smallmedium dog.I can't wait for part 2 in three months.Nice instant recipe.Lele kecil gitu dapet darimana?

Notice how Joe defended the old part

Notice how Joe defended the old part

Too distracting.I love the video, Im glad you finally managed to reupload it!Hi claire, I just started to watch your YouTube channel and I love everything you do and bake I want to know if you can decorate cakes?Your sister sounds really hot.I know I've worked for and with Michelin Star Chefs.134 days: Mom- "just cut the green bits off".So Divinity Original Sin married DD?Biden is really Gee Dubbya mentally afflicted huh?THEY'RE AN EVIL MANUFACTURER AND APPLE IS MORE EVIL BECAUSE THEY USE THEM KNOWING THAT THE SITUATION WAS THAT BAD!I miss them being friends :(.

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Nice autochef

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Damn I’d slam Miss Bliss, she a fine lady

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I'm not sure if this is true, but I am pretty sure BIID comes from people feeling the need to be cared for constantly, due to some mental scarring, or a mental halt at a young age due to trauma, like an older brother/sister dieing, parent(s) dieing. Or even being abused, or neglected, and if they are done to the extreme, if they are oversheltered and/or spoiled throughout childhood

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Hi I love your personality.

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"I guess you could say I take your breath away, hahahah-- Oh, God, you're about to die."Kevin is the best doctor. I want him to end-- save...save my life

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is it just me or can anybody else see a face in the thumbnail?

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DanTDM wearing that PewDiePie merch!

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Ahh the legs....


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I like a racing games

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Haha nang jayann nka kadlaw man q sa esda ba mga mata nlang bilin haha

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24:30The thing you wanna see happens around about here

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There is one word that i could say: Herro But seriously you guys are great cooks

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I like the old unspeakabel

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Love these recipes, thanks for sharing chef!

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I feel bad for roi

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Better than a fascist