Remember, there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism.That it has different colorsScratch that out ducks are animals not colorsor shades.More of these guys, they're awesome and fun to watch!Could I use the disposable aluminum pans instead?Wiz has the worst banter I’ve ever heard.

Ano Bang Dapat Gawin ng Isang RU Affiliates Member?Ergo, the Black girl is the odd one out.- u mean think u call my kind ugly.Play it again plz.Coz the first time I did it I had to double up the boiled lot with a portion of absolutely unsalted rice just to make it palatable.King bo makes me laugh so hard i was literally about to die because I couldn't breathe.

Butik na babaliw na si bob nakakatawa.

Butik na babaliw na si bob nakakatawa.

You heated the charbroil TOO MUCH!Do none of these cities have bike lanes?Triste q deu copyright na msica s padre hauahauah.WAIT RADIO ZET IS A POLISH RADIO STATION AND IT SOUNDED LIKE IT SAID 'NEW PHONE' BUT IN POLISH.Hard to gain weight man.Well bless this mess,there's some close by.This is the fastest way to learn and I don't have to kill a $200 brisket.Sees begining it's not ur way.The Afghan "treaty" looks more like all mercenary warring, they're not really leaving, the contractors are staying the warlords will still be paid off.

This is like a science to make

This is like a science to make

What song is it?THANKS for sharing!One slice of normal whole wheat bread does not have 5g of protein.This was actually so funny.You look like Phoebe from friends.

This dude needs to be hired as an adviser for the next big survival game.So I decided to look it up.And just getting chemicals rather than lifeforce.You are my favourite chef, that looks amazing, I don't use non stick pans as I have an Induction hob.The moment that the bird falls down was amazing huh?But I am proud to say with every iota of triumph, Avatar: The Last Airbender takes the cake!Wait this game is just bad Papers Please.

PbSebastin Marshes brother.Dont look away i watched it a couple months ago and i fucking loved it oh and before i go and watch more vidoes you should check out a video called.Do I have to make it after the chicken and rice are cooked?After all, Basilashvili has a smile.No soaking required!You are so strong.Does the ultra version have a way to set both cooking time and pressure release time?Inspiredi don't know any better word to describe.

Major test of strength in master mode.This is the first problem with Kpop.It was a great game for its time.Classic Sonic:.I’m thinking if you keep it in the pan, it’ll over cook the one side more than you’d want, no?When he was driving and he was like move MOVE MOVE and then he got arrested.I saw the title and I was like "Daz is gonna say satisfaction" then I found out I was right.

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yarr aap mast ho

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I just found out that i’m the same age as daz his daughter

xD xD

Great recipe my first pizza dough and it’s perfect

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Thanks for a greatdemonstration!Brought up some good points for the instant pot,which I will keep in mind next time I try sous vide!I think I’ll try 131 to keep it at130.Those steaks look done perfectly to me!



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So hard work allways ..in the cruise.

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But my mom is dead

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You did very well think!!!!

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I'm not a real doctor but I play one on YouTube

Lol you talk like the what are we eating guy..any way I've made the mistake of rubbing my meat before after slicing jalapenos, was not fun so please be cautious when rubbing your meat

Shinsuke - sama

"I dont even want to relate to this person"Boi if I was his mom,The heartbreak I got will kill me on the spot..But as a stranger, Imagine being darth vader with a piece of lego fix inside his boot then just walk around death star for weeks..that is how amgery I am right now..

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I remember I had this game in 2010 for christmas

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stupid american people