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Downloading Grannycreme" is a sentence you never want to hear.Cs papi nyomjad neki!Me: Eating pixie sticks?I wish you'd do some recipes for the 3 Qt.When i was 8, i played papas freezeria as penny and i had the biggest crush on tony so i'd always flirt with him.

I'm from Calcutta - Indiawhere i was born and is a Christian, hence my first name.So like papers please.Every time I watch your videos I don't feel so bad anymore about my PC building habits.Really awesome and brilliant video on cooking city hack.Thanks for sharing.Kiwi smoothieeeee.

Fritters are Best made up fresh each

Fritters are Best made up fresh each

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The DiZZeL


karl ankara

Offf souk sava hikayeleri. Arkadam bunlara liseye giderken inanrsn. Bunlara inanan yetikin olmamas lazm normalde. :)

eliteEVIL darkness

What's with survivalist and headbands?

paul arobaga

Pewdiepie: rubber ball it’s a rubber ballMe: imma go back to ski

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Helo 26,5 like

Cole Pezacki

Mark griffin is ok now btw he sold his game enough to be wealthy

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Wash Your Hands After Touching Your Hair Before You Touch The Food !

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Like pertamaaaa


1:20 "I know kung fu"

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No dont apologize, when people come on to your safe haven screaming and looking angry you have the right to protect your love ones and castle.


Ah look at that 4K Bernie Sanders dislikes


Deez nuts




It’s funny because he’s a cancer and that’s represented by the crab lol

shurshot 2

This clown should not be allowed on the internet.He has no skills: culinary, medical, scientific, vocalization, grammar.I learned NOTHING!But I salt my eggs to taste AFTER peeling as the salt DOESleach through the shell and affect the taste and he used waaaaay too much.A real waste, this dude.Just go away.


Koda just wants to feel the wind in his hair, listen to the waves of the water and look at the beautiful night sky and the Orlando skyline, he’s just vibing!

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Eat this

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Looks so yummy...hmmmm...Thx chef Jamie

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Hahaha ung charlie na nag sagwan kay mamshie ronan parang isa sa alegria boys!