They made it 3d!Damn Honda has crazy chip damage.Lol I will never ever see a baby in my life.Pashotout po ate ronan.Great recipe but olive oil Heath properties are destroyed once heated and the Teflon on your pan has been destroyed therefore it's also leaching on to your food.They had other people collecting money from taxi drivers instead of giving these drivers tickets.

Doctor Mike uno reverse card.What these arsehole progressive WOKES don't realise is, once the people they want to silence have been silenced, they will be the next ones in the firing line.My ball sacks melting on my leg" Me:WHAT.Petition to make PewDiePie re-make the cake.FOR christmas he gave me a sous vide circulator, so I started studying and found your channel.Actual good joe voice.22:09 Vinny grabs some ASS on stream.

Won't the garlic burn and get bitter?And i just did it again.Like this if you’re uncomfortable.It is noob enjoying in here.-Vinny Pizzapasta.In addition, the "woodie part" is edible (not garbage as you said).Merry christmas din kristian.Hi momshie bonga ka talaga.Her cute aegyo is killing me!

I’m making cheese

I’m making cheese

But she never cried n was bullied n mocked n bashed on wkw episode even for no reason.LTG rages even when he wins.6:19 Blushing mammoth?Stayed for 21 minutes and i'm not sure why.THE SONGS AT THE END ARE AMAZING I MEAN REALLY WOW I LOVE THEM3.What is the thermo pen you use?One of my favorite filipino food!Everithing but the seeds.I loved it when you said "Brisket for Idiots!0:15 no more hardbass?

TLC pizza express.Omg this totally works.All done last and final 1 sitarala sirapadu like for.If I went to a comp and presented these, they wouldn't even get judged.Ano title ng song?

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This sounds like my doctor office


jojo poses are all sexy ill tell you that


Was watching your fried chicken video and that's the 1st time I heard of you liking grandma's hands so I contacted them on Facebook she sent me a pay pal order I bought 2 of them then I seasoned up some chicken put it on the grill and my friend that came over liked the flavor of the chicken so much that we decided not to even put barbecue sauce on it grandma's hands is awesome

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Healthy food healthy life

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You need benches, food stands, refreshments, etc to help replenish the people's energy and they are more willing to go farther into the park

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atharva and vividha best


what game is this

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My wish is for bigt to hit 1 million. Man u just need a lil boost.Legend


The best cooking I've seen in a long time. Easy to follow and also the video contents and photography along with lighting and techniques are A. Walk easy mi friend.