Really informative and good explanations, thanks a lot!I will be waiting and drooling.Envy start sounding smart, anyone notice?But for real, play all the characters.U have so many mods to fix everything.That was like ten years ago.The steaks looked awesome as always though.Look how fast bo say it's a prank cuz he know Lee was going beat his ass.

If i add a lot of oil nothing sticks but the food taste oily.Ban the cruises,ban airlines or get a free covid.Imagine you're the guy who is matched up with Smug, and you see he is playing Guile.Undang band GuyonWaton dong.What would you do?Smug gets to play w sound wooooowCool.Im sorry Preston.

OMG, all the deliciousness washed away, he did it again, what a waste!I was wondering how to make wings in my IPThanks.That is awesome.What was the Decoart Metallic Luster (Black Shimmer) used for?I learnt this from a friend.

And 19:25 you are

And 19:25 you are

If he knows that he is a MARKEDMAN, why would he left himself so careless.Theres a new powerhouse that started with busts!4:11 jumpscare warning.I play on snokido -.It would be good if itwas cooked right.I love that knife, got to get one.

I also like to use clothes pins

I also like to use clothes pins

Draw my life kayo mga mamshiees.I love your vids.I smell a new upcoming YouTuber.I really want to know title of this music!I had no idea you could turn the sound off of your Insta pot.Intro: pp is hard hello fren.So so so so so so so so i to fid your videoy wow too wow wo wwoww.Like IF You from Sweden.I hope that the President will do the right thing.

That's just what I use when I make

That's just what I use when I make

Use it every time and my fish gets nothing but raves!Funny how you seemed to miss out on a good steak.5000 ways to die parts 1-100 let us know if its done.I have no words!1:16 the man NOT in the yellow hat.Yes we have frightening levels of crime, and a very corrupt government, but what we don’t need is nasty racist pieces of work like Hopkins stirring up problems using lies and misinformation.Miss this pewds, time goes by jeezzz.I've always been the strong calm and collected person they could turn to and now it's 4am and I'm crying my eyes out wondering where the hell it all went so wrong and how the hell I can ever be a half decent counsellor if I can't even help myself.Mario breathes to hard and diesDashie : hOw!

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Why is everyone here Italian


I like to add celery salt for a slightly different taste.

Santiago Relaez

22:44Her dream was being a man

Adeni Send

Just to clarify, Mark has 2 sisters right? Grace and Tammy, and the little girl is his niece? He also has 1 brother: Joey. But the guy who was showing up alot, is he related to Mark in any way, or is he just a friend? I've also seen him with Mark and Jackson before. Who is he Oo? One last thing: Mark and Joey look really alike :D (they look kind of a little more like Papa Tuan than Mama Tuan IMO) !

Stop Global Warming

Food wars is disappointed


idk why but I can smell the mushroom in the comfort of my bed

Ny's Kitchen

thank god for pressure cookers.. it cuts the cooking of ox by 90%.. lolthanks for sharing...


i like my spaghetti to be sweet.me, an italian: =3= what?

Pallavi Singh

Ma’am the potion you are taking out in a bowl is for adult size or kids size portion

wut a c r a p

Years have passed but I still and will still be loving ZTao

Jerome Cubilo

Love this song and this is my practice on my school

Robert Partridge

he should just start a cooking channel

Rayyan Saad

2020 anyone?

Janneke van Aalst

The first video is dutch