:) Good for you 3.The sociaist like Bernie Sanders, AOC, the democratic party.Can you also do this in instantpot, using pressure cook settings.Me:Why didn’t ya say so?Me orders spaghetti7:50.GTR mustang made by Acura lol.PbRico The Giant.This style of hers w semi messy looks so fake comparedto yrs ago, dont know.

Afraid to try it but can't wait either.How does this vary with different altitudes?All the right games but a couple of the wrong cinematics in my opinion.6:49 aka number 71 is a undertale reference.It didn't cure me, but it's a treatment.

Not that anybody here cares, but this vid helped get me thru grad school during down times.Ka banyakin bahasa Indonesia boleh mix English tapi dikit ajaaa soalnya udah kangen nonton Ka Rianti kaya dulu bawain MTV global room, dan gak sabar denger share storynyaaa.Nice show for fans.I cook everything i can in there lmao cuz its so fast and only one pot!2:16:26 thats it, thats the whole game.You've heard of tumbleweeds,well these are tumblecars.

The dogs are right there in the kitchen!Some of the egg did not cook all the way.I alrdy lost it at Thrustmaster Josh.LIKE ALL THE OTHER CLOSED CAPTIONS ON ALL THE OTHER FILM FORMATS!I will share this with my pizza luvin friends!In the book he went on about science this, science that, then started recommending crap like cast iron and such without the science.Looks delicious.And with that being said.

1:40 yup i see it

1:40 yup i see it

Steak and potatoes.What a testimony this special was to a great show, and for those blessed to have experienced it first-run, 1972 - 83, a reminder of how truly great "MASH" was, at a time when there were so many "chestnuts" on CBS:"The Jeffersons", "Bob Newhart", "All in the Family", "One Day at a Time", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" "Gunsmoke", "The Waltons", "Kojak" "Hawaii Five-O".Same I was gonna go dom u played this shit.I love it dems did this last time an Trump won an the looks on their faces was like if their child just died it was priceless watch it happen again I'm will be watching an waiting to see that face again in Nov 2020.Not even the slug could keep it from growing!The circular art looks pretty sick.Blossom videos, other than a very small handful of outlying "tricks", are all fake.This is practically how Apple does business.VLOG kulineran dong ka.Daddy Vine’s Hot Butter Ice Cream.

That's hard work.Your chicken sandwich looks amazing.Then need to work hard to earn money.Polymer clay artist use it to lay items on in the oven so that these items don't develop a flat spot on side that's laying on the baking sheet.Love ur channel lmfao never thought i would find a channel that plays all of these simulator throwaway games that i secretly love so much.The production of your videos are amazing!Steaming it would be quicker.

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how long should i put it in the oven i dont have that temprature thing


So called free Americans do not have freedom to visit this beautiful country. I am seriously considering leaving the US because of all of the oppression in this fake land of the free

Birdy !!!

Whats going on guys:))))))))))))))

ian arcilla

betchin lng pra sumarap tapunan nyo ng madami hehehe

shine boy

I cant believe jinyoung is showing all his muscles he should show them off more often :)

Kiyler Rose

I couldn’t stop laughing

Christi Harris

that dontlook like him

Herbin S

Semoga sehat dan lancar semua dalam rancangan Tuhan.

Evan Cox

the filming quality is great. saw comments that give you feedback. Take in stride, make the improvements you agree with and keep going.

Chris Stainsby

Very interesting must see

Logical Psycho

"His business card is seven inches long" Ron Jeremy: wanna see my business card?

Cool stone TV

good video51Hey I am your new friend

t k

I dont like when the camera gets too close to the food they want to make it like a movie trailer trimmed so much from the cooking process, that's no no.

MIGES Fishing

This was a great video .I would be curious to see now that you have the general timing down what would happen if you started the briskets at different times so that they get pulled at around the same time and rest for the same time... I would assume the first brisket off was loosing moisture waiting for the others to finish up .. and use that over under smoker you got so you don’t have to rotate them so much

Roger Mazuca

Is this guy Justin an actor or comedian? I think maybe I've seen him in a movie or TV show. Am I suffering from the Mandela effect?


I would like to see a jet propulsion circular wing aircraft

Jared Freeston

Gta 4 is more realistic compared to gta 5


y'know i was having a pretty shitty day up until i witnessed david hayter asking raiden to squeeze his hog

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Nice video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]