Vinny starts dragging April downMe: Aww he's gonna bring her to her little pet house :)Starts moving to the rightMe: Oh no.Quid pro pete, and quid pro amy watztheirnames, back quid pro joe.Watching Smug have so much fun with this game and enjoying the fight has rekindled my appreciation for Street Fighter.I could lockpick that door for you, forgets he dosent have lockpick XD.Juan is so terrible.

Masak gosong gt apa

Masak gosong gt apa

Throws spatula at the window.Please give me a heads up, how is this button man for the crew staying out of jail.Wi have wi oxtail ready fi Christmas.Is this guy Justin an actor or comedian?Josh will have an icon card on fifa which will be 99 rated u wait and see.I like how no one realized that head in the microwave was literally a edited picture of Adam Sandler lmao.3:09 or troll-a-lol-a trollalola.Who likes 5 minutes craft like.Why u not use a soup stock you use water.Truss the bird with some string and the wing tips will be okay!

Do Americans actually butter toast

Do Americans actually butter toast

Thanks for the instructions and safety tips The stew looks delicious.A few years ago, on a whim, I purchased the Wolfgang Puck electric pressure cooker from one of those TV shopping shows, and I regret doing so.Hi dhay,nagutom na naman ko lantaw sa inyo.Sweet baby Jesus that looks really freaking good!Please test air fryer.Vitharv intrvw plz.

I got it, hopefully I win.It's finally the future, now I can put all my future cream to use.Whyyyy did i have to look before dinner!And black gown which u had given to miss fake sai.Omg brian on tasty.I love papas and donut.PbBianca Zajicek.1:10:42 forJ E S U S.Your game is not working why can you fix it.

You're delightful.21:06 LUIGI SAYS HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD WHY WOULD HE DO THAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Your show is bomb.I need some help on it.Oh no what will happen when planet zoo is released.Caveman ghost: unga bungas the hecc outta your bookcase.I need answers.

Parah sih ini keren bgt value2nya dan omg!Just saying lol.Some salt is understandable but at times he has full on rage out.Prank your brother.I loved the shows and the remembrances and seeing all the stars who survived for 30 years!I will be back next year to check up on ya.Thank you kurzgesagt.I slowed it down the time loop stopped at about 29,560 feet.Today, he say President Trump is not reacting fast enough to stop the spreading of the Corolaviris in America.Salmon steak and boiled potatoes, there’s no way I can screw this up.

8mins and the rest.Thank you for your instructions!This is what life's about easy natural living and eating.3:o7 here we go again.Mi like my oxtail black like rum cake lol.We pass fiber like the water that flushes our systems, and anyone out to make themselves better is ultimately not looking for a "diet" of any sort, but a personal "regimen" that will work best for them.Until now unable to realize I just made 912 bux with this fabulous website here PaidToBeHome.8:46sub2pewdiepie12 fell from a high place.

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yes that good cooking look good

Sean Winters

Just made this tonight. Best sweet and sour chicken I've had yet in my 48 years on this planet. Great job, will be trying most of your other recepies soon.

Chef Nuggy

Nah fam my grilled cheese is the best it’s not even a debate


Graci Creates

I've learned so much ! Thank you for sharing.


LOL The amount of times we refilmed that intro, I am glad it turned out great! :) P.S. choose the donut

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Yet to human life


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rehaman rehaman


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I'm here from 2026

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You don't have 5000 of nothing, you have 2.86 million problems. Check your subscribers

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like si la lanza se. volvio loca

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Wasting a heck of a lot of water. Why not drain the hot water add a small amount of cool water and some ice?


Now for the house upgrades!! (Talk to boltson again)

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Papava pathrama pathukonga akka vaithula thuni kattunga akka.... Apadha slima irupinga akka

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Intro:it’s the guy he fed your dog chocolate

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My favorite was the Asian "he not fighting static, he fighting cancer!"

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Omg, not a cleaver!!


Mans is hella funny fam

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I Love you so so so so so so much


I stopped using my deep fryer after buying one of those. It comes out just as good and less mess to clean up.