You left a time stamp in the 5th bonus video!What is game name.WE NEED MORE COLLABS WITH HER.Hey, awesome intro!

Not propane is it?The best and easiest way to make hard boiled eggs is in the pressure cooker 1 to12 eggs, 1 cup of water, set to high pressure for 5 minutes,let pressure release naturallythen put in ice water bath.I like it and want to get one.HOW ARE ALL OF THESE VIDEOS SO HIGH QUALITY.Yay pewds noticed Philippines anyone?

Here in Italy eye round is not cheap

Here in Italy eye round is not cheap

I like the video!Para pong familiar face nio po sakin.My dude you are awsome lets set a goal for 300k and maybe a lighter weightp.It's amazing how many women dont know how to boil an egg.Bro wtf Big T you can’t be serious.How’s your first Minecraft.Thanks for any replies.God bless you 2 always.RIP chun huo bootleg.How long does it take to come up to pressure?

You should call

You should call

Ka acha keluar logat bataknya "banyak kali pilihannya bingung aku".I was also remote, albeit an engineer and not help desk.I mostly expect them to have their gaming videos staged.Callmekevins YouTube channel is like one massive yubo advert.Your not shy about showing off your cash are ya lol.I love this chan but.I’d love to see this recipe with black garlic instead of toasted!It's gab a gol!Happy pupah day!0:36Did you goto the sales mangers room?

13:20 ooooo lip kiss.Why is all the music in this game from a bad 80’s porno?I didn't even realize one of the witches had jerms' face at first.Toy chica is cute tho.It’s nice to see someone else who cares about the importance of eggs and textures in the dish!I wonder if the juice tastes as good as you?Please keep up the good videos.What’s there not to Troll?

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General Eisa

I wish there was a family friendly version for this and it has clean jokes

T0xic A33A331n

160st lol


When u eat pho with meat balls, everyone uses hoisin sauce.

Anime Lover

Rose's are red violets are blue why did I watch this video when I could've watched fortnite game play ooh?

Ewan Roberts

Awesome vid

Siska Juliana

Semoga gw nanti gw nikah kaya mereka..

Ultimategirl Plays :3

I like how Daz tried to make a meme but then it all went wrong

Muhd Haqiemi

spiderman spiderman

Buckshot 87

Your work environment looks so clean and hygenic.Oh dude,you should raise your work bench to save your back

Ibrahim hmdli

The is are you subway surfs ?:)Are there's The year subway your is are my

Nitu s

what paper was that?



Srajan Sanil

New look of baadshah he shaved all long hair for phantom and again he will grow long hair for billa ranga baasha

Obiki Projects

Hey, BigT - It may help if you set the Timer they provide to you in game.I think some cook times vary despite what the 'green meter' displays.Also 1 liter = 1000ml if that helps for future references. Either way, I enjoy these Cooking Sim videos!You should try and duplicate a recipe IRL :D!

The Root Boy Cooks !

I can't believe you said capicola. it's gab a gol! Gab a gol! Say it with me now, or you will sound like a Canadian gringo. Gab a gol! 

shania freeman

I played that game it's really fun but sometimes it gets bootlegged as fudge especially when you escape or get caught by a police or something like that

Chanelle Phifer

I bet that’s how Apple make their iPhone

Master Map

What do you use to animate this amazing stuff? Blender, Adobe after effects? Could you also show us how you make them like actually making the animations?


The bank shot with the beer killed me :D

Omally Wright

Is this PC?

Jake Wantuch

Please play more


dog in the kitchen !

Kristen Ball

is this game free?

Baun Saging

Play minecraft

Evan Baller

100% realest youtuber ever created. love you bigT


this game was brought to you by the sims 1

Robert Coleman

The mainstream media is really sick people they really need help. and unstable ,media corps maybe we should just lock them away in a looney toon cartoon.?????

The Kidawas

Intro with sassyirious