I hate raisins.I love it when they do these videos.That blonde woman needs to stop handling food without gloves!I am jackson and bambam and jaebum combined.I heard they weren't accurate enough on the temp to do it well, but this model looks like it does.

I wont spill

I wont spill

Idk why but cutting a squid seems so fun and evil to do fsr.Looks so delish, does anyone know if you could do this without egg yolk?According to the backstory Flo was a stockbroker who hated the stress of her job.Drop yalls friend code. At the end though.Wow, gr8 Pot In Pot tips 4 us newbies.

You don't need someone to be confident for you, you have to depend on yourself.Loving the vids, gonna try some of these out pronto.So when Calamity Ganon uses Malice to infect the Guardians, Divine beasts, and other Sheikah technology, it happens to also effect the Dragon using the same "Blue" energy of Nayru.You have a new fan!Me: If it's a cordless phone, just do what I do-- rip out the battery and toss the whole mess in a drawer.Keren dan imut imut banget.You r a great guy, love ya.Someone please tell me this actor full name.I read it as Jenna marbles being a beautuber for 20 hours straight and I was fully on board.

Its probing time!I think theres one on the bottom right I was looking at before.Not rich life ur like life urs thoughts.Kena ckp lulus kkm kompem org yakin.Wow,so hot and cute couple.That 5 minute kinda started looking like my ex's coochie.

Innale adhyam ayittu broccoli thoran ondakki chechi.Noice South Park reference.Ka jurusan apa kuliah nya.I can only afford IKEA norvegian salmon.You're so young to have it all together and a great knowledge of what you're doing.Yo Smug, pin this.

Bob was one of my residents.God recommended you for a reason.Abi 9 nerde ya :D not : yayn tekrarndan izledim.Gordon Ramsey is the best Chef and great man.Tried this and it was awesome.

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That was too close you was almost a crash sandwich

Pat Garcia

Great beautiful




"Deploying smooth jazz!"Stealing dis

Vladimir Putin

51:53 to figure out what the deeper meaning of this stream is.

Andrew Elie

11:32 was the greatest moment in gaming.

genesis love

Grab some popcorn,

Mariana The Crafty Girl

Devens pizza looked better but whos pizza will TAST better

ketki ponkshe

Glad u showed the pad..

cel cel

:"(((((( so sad ohmygod


if theres a routine inspection, you only need to close the store. that's it, you can leave the bitcoin miner on

junior carlos

I tip my hat sir....