Had a hard time watching this one.Why did you not jump?Japanese "western" cuisine has history steeped in western influence but heavily modified for the Japanese palate.You need the fat melting and seeping through the meat as it cooks so it bastes in its own juices.I'm new as well and I don't know how to bake thin polymer clay sculpture with foil inside.

Then hes not faking to be a lawyer.Her last word was said I don’t want die R.This guy loves oil.

Wow adobong adobong manak ahh hahah kuya nga pala new ka Toto mo ko Kung ka Toto ka or guys or something funs ganon.Pewdipie: And we are cooking it raw.Believe it when you see it!To tame a fox you have to breed 2 of the same type and take away their baby so it thinks your it's motherfather.Play some more trophies Face.Come and get a burg burg burg burger.Whenever Guga is doing weird stuff, Angel is nowhere in sight.When you don't have an oven so you place your food in the v.

What a compilation of half truths, BS and wrong info.Did Flo just speak Southern accent in 4:39?Can we done this with crayons instead of clay?How are you my love?Ini lh skrng yg sedang saya rasakan,hamil muda rasanya nikmat bngt ya alloh.Can't wait for more Summer Camp days!

Does anyone know what model is the dell monitor?When the clouds (and stars) spawn the second instance is way behind.I don't care if he's not a dog.I you love monster.People chasing me is my biggest fear lmao.I’m asking because in the link for torch gas, the link leads to propane.

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erif Efe Bal

papers please :(

Arsh Verma

I made 200 people stand in line for eternityAlso known as india

Sockboy F

Honestly, if you forced me to pirate games on a system, I would choose the Wii because WiiWare is so chuckles wareinsert seinfield laugh track

Tarsha Lewis



I missed Jack playing BitLife and casually ruining Paddy’s life.

Georgie R

I love how you spent the rest of the game running from security but he only chased you in the first place because you forgot to pay for the fucking shampoo

Barb Bickel

Perfect! Thank you! I've made this (exactly as you specified-olive oil and all) several times and everyone loves them. So easy to make. This will become a regular for our family.

Fajar Rofinanda

This legendary scene will never happen if the weather's nice.Nature has its way to help running man.. XD


2:57 has me dying is that a gun!!!!!, oh it’s money

sub eng //


Those clouds spawn a chest which has an inventory pets which are little creatures that do various task

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I miss the old videos

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I just about dropped my phone when you brought out the valentinas! Instant sub - might buy your recipe book

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See the secrets of I am egg

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Can you do a fun segment with Samridh and Ankitta together please