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Very sweet man.

Very sweet man.

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did better than sky aka adam

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49:52 Maybe Bella is a little temperamental.

James Goacher

I am impressed with your choices and reason for them but I did not see the Non-Stick Inner mentioned. I use my IP mostly for Slow Cooking and the Non-Stick Pot has nicely rounded corners at the bottom.btw there are other Pressure Cookers available and all seem to be of a similar (if not the same) size (diameter) as the IP so those accessories are pretty universal. I even used the Trivet Basket of my 40 year old Stove Top, Prestige High Dome Pressure Cooker in the IP, but that Steamer Basket is better,.Excellent presentation.

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This theory is easily provable if you actually cut up these large animal and do biopsy, no? Or is it just intellectual gymnastics?


So G is just Q right

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Good video

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Did I just watch a 7 minute video on which is the best grilled cheese when I don’t even have bread to make one? Yes. Do I regret it? Definitely not.

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looks great , thank you

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11:00 a month away