I just scrobbled to funhaus.Love this song 2020.Kakainis, nagutom tuloy ako haist!I have a 6 quart?Not in the fry up ting but there's a coupleways to make it.Love how you broke everything down and you were so honest!12:27 Holy shit it's fucking Hong Kong 97 meme garbage.

Then if you were a true wing connoisseur you would put the mini drumstick(or wingstick if you may) in your mouth up to the small end and pull the meat off with your teeth.Assistimos o mesmo vrias vezes e rimos tantas quantas.When you love what you doing extra care and attention to details is of the oath most priority.

Its like their totally lost.Great timing for the holidays.That looks gd as hell I think you used yr sexy voice with this one here.I always felt bad for the Interactive Buddy.How long did it take to reach the max record of distance.Are you playing horse well before I clicked on this you looked like one.I love the dog how sell peaches.Genji: I’m not allowed to say my own name?Bhai free fire help please.

I need to get better at it though

I need to get better at it though

This video definitely brings peace to everyone who listens to it.Esse jogo e so pra pc ou pra xbox tbm.Terhuraaaa banget.More blessings my diva chosen mukama akumanyi nyo.Believe me there's more Joe Swanson believe me.Thanks, Sir Spiff.Navin suvai arumbugal malaruthu mam yanaku.

So niceThanks for the recipe.Anne enaiku senchen supera irundhadhuanne please onion garlic elama oru recipe seinchukatuga.Sad SOME "NPC's" and Abilties Aren't in the game.Song name :Varia - My Great Adventure for those who are wondering.Thank you for the useful information.16:31 wtf you could have protected the knight that is the dumbest play ever.

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AlESE is kinda hot too Alice from Alice in Wonderland: Am i a joke to you

Ozma Wesker

I worked retail at Burlington. If the clothing was half off the hanger, making the other side heavier, the clothes-less side would go up, because of gravity, obviously. That is called a "chicken wing." Corporate doesn't like that, so you have to fix it. That's all I encountered working retail.

Jess D

Successful, black and beautiful? Of course she’s single...


I love how intelligent you are and how you articulate your words. Not to mention how much of a great cook you are!

Douglas DeNunzio

not always here, though your Mom and sister at some point may come back tonight

mahira k

Hit like if u r also having exams n still busy with useless videos


Hay Spears love your vids been watching for five years PS I’m Canadian you’re not the only one (intro: how doing a der bed would you like some maple syrup and some chocolate) Ps still love your videos you should go and watch some of your Old vids and maybe play some new games if you could pls S.T.A.HD

Billy Gibson

Your amazing I wish I could taste lol I'm LEANING by watching you


Swagatika Sahoo

I tried this and the pizza turned out so delicious....guys try it.... thanks bhavna

Me at 321

His laugh sounds like the laugh from it.


do u know how brakes work?

Johan-Sebastian Christiansen



As an ant hater I want to get one of these and put a stick of dynamite down one of those holes


man i really hope i win this, my computer right now is ok but most games my friends play, i can't even run XD